Pilzgrosshandel Uwe Buschhaus

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Mushroom from all around the world

For  more than 30 years, the Mushroom Wholesale Buschhaus has been the  competent partner for wholesalers and retailers in the field of edible  mushrooms. Import - Export
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In our extensive range of forest and cultivated mushrooms you will find fresh mushrooms from all over the world
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In addition to our mushroom range from Germany, we import mushrooms from over 20 countries!

About us:

The company Uwe Buschhaus was founded in 1985 and specialized in the trade of wild and cultivated mushrooms.
Over the years, this has become one of the most important mushroom importers in Germany.
Regular quality and hygiene checks both at our company and at our suppliers ensure the freshness and quality of our products.
The customer portfolio extends from catering wholesalers, resellers and distributors in Germany and throughout Europe.

International mushroom offer

We  import edible mushrooms from over 20 countries.
Due to our large number  of suppliers, we always have a very large assortment of mushrooms, various kinds, available.

Permanent quality controls

Our quality and freshness
is regularly subjected to strict quality controls,
among others, from consumer protection or the SGS Institute Frisenius

Europe-wide delivery

We deliver within Europe.
Our deliveries are made as quickly as possible by land or water.
If necessary, transport by air is also possible.

Modern technology

We have modern refrigerated vehicles and cold stores,
to be able to fulfill our quality and hygiene standards at a high level.


The mushroom wholesale Uwe Buschhaus
was awarded by SGS Institut Fresenius with the International Food Standard
Certificate awarded for the trade of noble mushrooms and fresh herbs.

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